End-to-End Experiences

The Guardian writes: “In a marketplace that offers a bewildering array of hardware, software and services, the company that prioritises ease of use stands a chance of winning.”

According to Ted Schadler, an industry analyst and vice-president of US-based Forrester Research, that’s the new trend. “Consumers hate complex things,” he says. “They want to be handed a working solution.”

Last December, Forrester published a research note: “Sell digital experiences, not products.” It points out that consumers buy products but often don’t buy the content and accessories they need to get all the benefits. For example, half the US consumers with high-definition TV sets don’t subscribe to HDTV programming. The conclusion: “Digital industries must stop selling standalone devices and start delivering digital experiences – products and services integrated end-to-end under the control of a single application.”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.