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Jo Rabin discusses the desktop and mobile Webs:

I strongly agree with the idea that applications should, where appropriate, be tailored to the user’s context and that there is a self-selecting set of applications that appeal while mobile. But how much of that perception is habit, and dare I say it, age? How will younger people see it?

Back in the early days of email, I remember that people said that no-one would want to read a document on-screen. The “paperless office” was a joke, because it introduced volumes of information that often ‘needed’ to be printed off to be consumed.

All that has changed. People’s expectations about where, how and why they wish to consume information changes constantly. Before asserting that there is a complete difference between the mobile experience and the desktop experience, consider how things change – and how absurd it seems today to print off emails before reading them.

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Rajesh Jain

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