Mobile Marketing

Russell Buckley writes:

Like the PC-web, the mobile web is also a global opportunity. When you put up a mobile website, its accessible from all over the world and will be found and used by people everywhere. Counties as unlikely as S Africa, India, Israel and Bangladesh are huge users of the mobile web, as well as the more obvious UK and US audiences. All these countries can also be addressed with advertising, as easily as the home market itself.

This opportunity was seized by AdMob at the start of this year, with the launch of the worlds first mobile advertising network. Less than 9 months later, AdMob has served over 200 million ads and by the time you read this, will be well on the way to 300 million. When something grows this quickly and with numbers this high, its worth examining in more detail and thats what were going to do now.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.