Jeremy Wagstaff recommends as a “more personal way to search the web.”

It happens through a service that allows users to recommend Web sites to others who then “stumble upon” them according to their interest. Think of StumbleUpon as a community of foodies passing suggestions to each other about which restaurant to visit. If I find a Web site — a restaurant in my analogy — that I like, I’ll make a note of it, tag it with a category or two (history, film, railways) and post it to my StumbleUpon collection of bookmarks so others can find it. When I’m browsing (going out for dinner) and I need some suggestions, I’ll click on a button marked ‘Stumble!’ in the special toolbar that StumbleUpon installs on my browser and be taken off to a page selected by another member of the community; the choice is random, but narrowed down by my interests. This is itself a useful guide, since I’m leveraging the shared interests of thousands of other people.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.