Health URLs

Nicholas Carr writes about a talk given by Adam Bosworth of Google:

Lets put the patients in charge of their health and medical information. Lets build a system which puts the people who are sick in control. For every single medical and health-related event, lets make sure that patients can effortlessly retrieve and share their information in its totality and then use it to ensure that they get the best quality of care possible. It is their health. The people who treat, diagnose, test or dispense medications to patients should be required to deliver, instantly, over the net, at the speed of light, that information to those patients to use as they see fit. If these patients choose to share it with caregivers or health coaches or nursing services, that should be their right …

Every ill person needs a health URL, an online meeting place where their caregivers with express permission from the ill person can come together, pass on notes to each other, review each others notes, look at the medical data, and suggest courses of action. This isnt rocket science. It is online web applications 101.

Dr. Aniruddha Malpani has been advocating the use of personal health records for patients for a long time now.

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