IT Predictions for 2007

InfoWorld writes about what to expect:

Content kings: We’ll go with the forecast of analyst Leonard Fuld of Fuld & Associates in Boston that an ongoing story and trend we’ll follow in 2007 will be “the world of information and how it’s monetized.” And we’ll put our money on Google Inc. to continue to lead the pack. The YouTube Inc. acquisition will be but the tip of that iceberg. Google will scoop up other content providers with an eye on their advertising revenue or potential advertising revenue. “There will be other mega deals,” Fuld said in a recent interview. News Corp. undoubtedly will be another company to watch in 2007 when it comes to content, with mergers among more traditional media companies that find themselves increasingly forced to compete with Internet content providers, not to mention the blogosphere and specialty content providers.

Spam spam spam spam: It’s going to get worse before it gets better. (Yes, we know we said this last year and we expect we’ll say it again at the end of next year.) We’ll be so bold as to say the way it will get better is that ISPs (Internet service providers) will make it terms of service that users adequately protect their computers (see also “Hacker’s paradise above”) and ISPs will (gasp!) cancel accounts of users whose computers are overtaken by spam-sending zombies. Meanwhile, prosecutions will continue under various national and state laws aimed at putting a lid on spammers.

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