Continuous Computing

Joshua Porter discusses a quote by John Brockman: “WE WILL SEE migration of social applications as user-generated content moves to the WiFi environment. YouTube, MySpace and multi-user games will be available on hand-held devices, wherever you go. People will carry their digital assets much like their bacteria. Israeli tech guru Yossi Vardi calls it ‘continuous computing.'”

Joshua adds: “I like that term: ‘continuous computing’. Its catchy, and it suggests that computing is becoming a commonplace part of our lives. However, what were really doing isnt ‘computing’, but simply socializing. We happen to be using computers to help us. That may sound like a small distinction, but I think its important to realize that although were using computers, theyre only enabling us to do more social things. Were not being social because of computerswere wired to be social anyway.”

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.