Mobile Marketing

Russell Buckley writes as part of his 2007 predictions:

The fact is that advertising on the mobile web is simply the best way to promote a mobile web site. All youre asking your customer to do is click on a link. They dont have to type in a url, or even have the right settings on their phone in the first place. So, no wastage, high efficiency and great ROI.

Thats not the only reason though. As operators are realising that the era of pillaging is coming to an end, at least as far as data tariffs are concerned (plenty of pillaging to still be had in roaming though – for a while), theyre looking for new sources of revenue and naturally enough, will be looking at advertising to help. This will start off with each operator trying to do it on their own. But sooner or later (Ill give it two to three years), theyll come to the conclusion that it makes more sense to outsource this to experts and so that brands and agencies can have one buying point, rather than 4 or 5, or however many operators each market has.

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