Mobile Gaming Trends

MocoNews points to PocketGamer’s list of 10 trends. Among them:

1) Advertising-supported games
2) Get set for D2C [Gamelofts new Connect application, an iTunes-style application that lets users check out new games, view demos and then buy and download them may be the trend-setter. PocketGamer expects firms (for example, Mpowerplayer) to bring a number of publishers games together in one application.]
3) Next-generation N-Gage [N-Gage could be back with a vengeance. The line-up includes 3D games with community features – all purchasable directly from the users handset.]
4) More connectivity and multiplayer
5) Tetris will sell millions of downloads [Yes, the audience for simple puzzle games will continue to grow.]
6) More crossover with Web and online gaming [Fixed-mobile convergence continues to gain steam while publishers talk about making Web versions of their casual mobile games.]

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Rajesh Jain

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