TECH TALK: A Tale of Two Covers: Jason and Jude

Jason did not give up. We talked on the phone. He was then working on a short story about Novatium. A little while later, he called me and said that the editors wanted him to do a cover story and he wanted to fly down to Mumbai and meet me for a few hours. I thought first he was joking about the cover and just wanted more face time. But he was serious. So, I gave in. And he came, and we spent about 3 hours talking. Jason had done his homework he had gone through the various Tech Talks I had written, and had a list of questions. It was a delight chatting with him.

The following Monday, Jude Edginton from London came down for a photo shoot. It then hit me that Newsweek was really serious about the cover Jude had come down just to shoot me! I took an afternoon off, taking him around a few spots where he could get photographs which conveyed both me and the personality of Mumbai. One of the spots was near home, and so my mother got my 21-month-old son, Abhishek, down to see his father being photographed. Jude suggested that we do a photo with him, and that’s who Abhishek made his international media appearance.

I got SMSes from Alok Singh, the CEO of Novatium, and Girish Nair, Netcore’s COO, about the Newsweek cover story. It was on their website. I was in Surat that Sunday. We had gone there for my sister-in-law’s house-warming ceremony. I checked the Newsweek site, and found the story. The $100 PC was the cover for their Asian and Latin American editions. Jason had done a fantastic job in reflecting our work and aspirations for what we were doing in Novatium.

I have received lots of emails and SMSes from people over the past week. More importantly, it has showcased the work we are doing in Novatium. The Novatium team in Chennai deserves the real congratulations. Led by Alok Singh, the CEO, they have weathered many storms to get to this point. And the bigger battles still lie ahead. Hopefully, as Jason put it after the article appeared, the Newsweek story will help us.

Tomorrow: Newsweek

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