Will Wright Keynote at SXSW

Here (via WonderLand).

Games are very open ended. Also, movies are primarily visual. Games are primarily interactive. So when we take away the control from a player, were taking away the most important thing from them. Its like going to the movies and showing a blank screen…

Different games have different levels of interactivity, in some sense… heres chess… [..] were trying to generate the largest rulespace in a game. This is the opposite of science, where we try to find simple rules to describe all this data. Theres this topological difference.

Its because of the POV. When youre telling a story in a movie, its from a chosen POV, its all controlled, but games, games look like this [screen of wiggles and randoms]. You go up here, you lose, so you go back to the beginning. Over here, you lose, try here. Back to the beginning. So movies are far more compelling than interactive drama, because interactive drama is quite flat.

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