Mobile UI

MEX discusses some of the new initiatives coming out and writes:

The nascent mobile search engine sector is quickly discovering some important trends in the way users interact with content in the mobile environment. When they search, they want to be taken to things which match their request rather than a long, Google-style list describing a series of pages which may or may not contain what theyre looking for. If someone is searching for a soccer star, they respond much better to a results page with photos, a table of their teams latest scores and video clips of their most recent goals than a series of text links to associated web pages.

These behaviour patterns will have an effect on mobile UI requirements. The traditional mentality of application silos, itself a legacy of PC-style computing, is inappropriate for users who consume a lot of content in the mobile environment. Why should a user who wants to send a photo of their favourite celebrity need to open a web browser, access a search engine, save the image into a gallery application and open their messaging client to achieve their objective. This would be tedious enough with a mouse and desktop screen, let alone the limited form factor of a mobile device.

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Rajesh Jain

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