US Mobile Data Services writes about a study of mobile surfing habits in the US context:

Once users figure out they can search theyre likely to become power users. Put another way, users who dont use the mobile Web naturally dont know about or need mobile search. So, its up to the operators to encourage users to do both by introducing cheaper data rates and educating users about why (and how) they should use mobile search in the first place.

The real shocker is the overwhelming popularity of Internet search engines. Operators shouldnt give up trying to deliver search services under their own brand; they have to try harder. Users who search on their mobiles are likely repeating their PC search habits, and will continue to do so until operators can show them an alternative. Its a nascent market and there is plenty of room for made-for-mobile search engines and services. The burden is on operators and their white label partners to earn their place. As always, the best user experience will win in the end.

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Rajesh Jain

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