Mobile as Magic Lamp

One way to think about the opportunities in the mobile space is to think of the mobile as magic lamp. If you could rub it and a genie showed up, what would you ask for? Out of this thinking can emerge ideas for the next-generation of services.

Think of moments in our daily lives where all we have is the mobile — and we have a need. Fulfilling these needs is what creates the opportunities. I think of these moments as being of two types — life’s empty moments (LEMs) and life’s know-now moments (LKNMs). LEMs are when we are sitting in a car or bus, waiting for someone, or just bored in a meeting. LKNMs are when we need answers. In both cases, the next 60 seconds from when the desire starts is when the mobile needs to provide the solution.

That is what I find exciting in this space. Especially, if one can build direct-to-consumer relationships with a cash balance that subscribers keep with you. This combination is what opens up the prospect of becoming a “VAS Operator” and driving multiple revenue streams.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.