Amazon Kindle

I have been using the Amazon Kindle for a few months. And on this trip in the US it has been particularly useful on the long flights that I’ve needed to take.  I like reading fiction on it more than non-fiction. I download a couple of books in advance and then read them on long journeys like this trip. It puts one in a different world for some time — after I am done with my business thinking and cannot sleep!

I just bought a book online from Amazn — and it ‘whispered’ its way to the Kindle in seconds. Quite an experience! And a glimpse of what the magic of mobile can do. (The Kindle has a built-in CDMA network connection.)

Some of the fiction books I have read recently are:

  • Final Theory: A Novel by Mark Alpert
  • Moscow Rules by Daniel Silva
  • The Whole Truth by David Baldacci

Two I am planning to read soon are:

  • – Rules of Deception by Christopher Reich
  • – The Last Patriot by Brad Thor

Overall, I like the Kindle very much. So should happen, one doesn’t think too much about the electronics of book reading, but is lost in the world the author creates.