…From VAS Operator to Mobile Computing Operator

Yesterday, I outlined the first part in a pathway to creating an innovative plan in the mobile data space. Here is the second part.

How do things change in a 3G world? They become even better. SMS can continue to be the trigger for driving people to the mobile Internet. Rich Media, Richer Monetisation.

With this multi-monetisation model, the groundwork is in place for the final horizon. This involves leveraging the richness of 3G with an i-mode-like open content and applications platform, and microbilling to create a data MVNO.

No one has done an MVNO in a data-centric world. No one has created an MVNO where the focus is not on voice tariff arbitrage but what better handsets with more screen real estate and high-speed networks can enable.

I call this entity a mobile computing operator – one which combines the power of mobility and computers with the openness and variety of the Internet. This is the endgame in the world of mobiles – a future that will emerge first in markets like India.

The market opportunity in India alone in two years could be worth $1 billion. The potential opportunity globally could be 5-7 times as much. At $7 billion, this would be equivalent to Paid Search in 2005. From there, replay the Internet revenue story in the mobile world with a five-year time lag.

With every new platform, there is a new global winner. A different paradigm is needed in the mobile space. And there is no better market than India for launching the new paradigm and the next platform.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.