India needs a CTO and CEO

Even as there is talk of someone like Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, possibly becoming Chief Technology Officer of the US in an Obama administration, I think we in India need to start thinking beyond the politicians we have to get professionals into leading positions in administration.For starters, look at the complete mess that is India’s telecom policy now with the 3G policy ‘evolving’ every few days depending on who has convinced whom in the government to suitably modify the variable rules. More broadly, we need our own Chief Technology Officer who comes from industry and applies the right thinking based on what the country needs and not what the political parties want.

Another department which can do with some cleaning is Education. Here too, we are damaging careers of millions of young students with flawed policies and mistaken controls that prevent the explosion that India needs to educate its next generation.

There are many other departments where apolitical thinking can make a big difference in setting the right foundation for the future. This government had an opportunity 4 years ago when they started the process of governance. But the accumulated “IOUs” proved to be too much for the coalition with power centred in the Left. Perhaps, the next government will do it. India is running out of years to bring about Change.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.