Indian Political History Books

My friend, Anshuman, suggested some books for learning about India’s political history since Independence. Here is a list:

  • India after Gandhi: by Ramachandra Guha
  • India after Independence (1947-2000): Bipan Chandra, et al
  • The Politics of India Since Independence: by Paul Brass
  • A History of India: by John Keay (covers complete Indian history)
  • The Idea of India by Sunil Khilnani
  • Nandan Nilekani: Imagining India (good backgrounder on different topics, and looks ahead)
  • India’s Politics: A View from the Backbench and The Future of India: Politics, Economics and Governance: by Bimal Jalan
  • Indira: The Life of Indira Nehru Gandhi: by Katherine Frank
  • My Country, My Life: by LK Advani
  • Sonia: A Biography: by Rasheed Kidwai
  • Behenji: A Political Biography of Mayawati: by Ajoy Base

Any other suggestions?

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