May Musings

So, it is May. I tend to notice May more than any other month because Bhavana and Abhishek go off on their big annual vacation — first to Bhavana’s parents’ home in Santa Cruz – so that’s not too far, and then to Bhavana’s sister’s home in Surat. That leaves me all alone in the middle of summer. (Well, not quite alone, since I stay with my parents.) Nevertheless, I miss them both.

This summer is also the season of Election results and Government formation, so evenings will be less lonely as one watches all the developments on TV. Of late, it has become more of a circus watching the political leaders tie themselves up in knots with their statements.

I also have to catch up on my reading — books, magazines, etc. May is also the time I get to do a lot more thinking than usual since I have an extra 2-3 hours of time in the mornings and evenings (no Abhishek to play with).

No other travel plans for me in May, except for a couple days to Surat.

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