Elections 2009: Beyond The Vote

Phase 5 of the Indian elections ended yesterday, and we are now ready for Phase 6 once the results are declared on May 16. This phase will involve plenty of action as the various parties jostle to form or be part of the government. I am not going to hazard any prediction — I think there are too many variables involved, and few have a clue of the action that has taken place.I am going to be watching the results on Saturday at home with a few friends, so we can analyse the results and dig deeper with a varying set of views on what India voted for.

It has been a wonderful personal experience me — being involved in the Friends of BJP movement that some of us helped get started. I got to see the election up close — interacting with various people, reading and watching it, and discussing it with many others. If there is one feeling that I am left with it, it is that India needs more like us to become engaged at different levels in the political process. It requires a tremendous commitment from us to help bring change in India. We cannot remain disengaged. And we have to engage with one of the national parties to help bring about this change. India deserves better. And we have a duty to make that future happen.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.