London Vacation: Sightseeing

I had thought of going to some of the historical destinations in London, but decided to leave it for another time when Abhishek is a little older and better able to appreciate their significance. Bhavana had seen most of these places during her previous visit (while I had done my business meetings).What we did do instead was go to Bath for a few hours. It takes 90 minutes by train and is out in the English countryside. Bhavana had visited it last time and had loved the place. The train ride is very relaxing. We took the Bath sightseeing bus ride to get a flavour of the place. Abhishek fell asleep during the 30-minute tour. Lunch was a picnic in the Garden – perhaps the first time I have done something like this. We ate our sandwiches sitting on the beach-like chairs in the shade of a tree even as some birds hovered nearby.

It was only on the last day that we did a bit more of the touristy sightseeing, as we walked on London Bridge and then to St. Paul’s Cathedral. I remembered some of these places from my 1981 visit when we had done a formal tour of London.

On our next trip, I hope we can spend some time in the museums — especially, the Science and Natural History ones.

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