London Vacation: Food

Food was one of our concerns given that we eat only Jain food (no onions and garlic) and in Bhavana’s case no potatoes either. On the first day, we ate lunch and dinner at Govinda’s (near the ISKCON temple) on Soho Street. The food was excellent. Dinner for the next three days was with friends – home food on two of the days! Another couple places which we sampled were on Drummond Street (Chutney’s and Ravi Shankar). Both serve vegetarian fare, but the Jain options are very limited.On our first night in London, we had gone to the nearby Sainsbury’s and stocked ourselves with plenty of bread, cereal, fruits, chips and juice, to complement some of the stuff we had taken from India. We’d keep sandwiches with us to eat through the day along with biscuits and nuts.

So, overall, food was much less of an issue than I thought. The kitchen in the hotel ensured that we’d have our full breakfast early in the morning before we set out for the day. It also meant that Bhavana could make her very special self-made Indian tea whenever we were there! And after 17 years, I was back to doing the dishes.

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