Why I am not Active on Facebook and other Social Media

It is a question I am asked by many people. Why am I not more active on the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Other than republishing my RSS feed, I don’t tend to do much else – atleast for now. My answer has two parts: lack of time, and need for chunky time in what I do.In a way, both are related.

Unlike most others, I update my blog daily. Blogging may be considered an older generation of technology given the 140-char economy that  we now seem to be in, but I still like to write in a bit more depth than the cryptic one-liners. (Same goes for my reading habits.) Also, I like to have chunky uninterrupted time at work for what I am doing. Email and SMS/mobile calls are anyways there. I don’t want to add to it with the preesure to respond to many more interruptions (even though some of them may be useful).

I think in this instant, quick and short response world we are starting to miss out on deep thinking, interaction and engagement. Maybe I will change in the time to come, but for now, I am quite happy with the way things are. Is this a sign of age? Perhaps!

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.