41 to 42: Abhishek

The third pillar of this year has been my son, Abhishek, who turned four in April. This is the year when our interactions matured and we started having plenty of conversations about lots of different topics. Sometime in the past few months, he opened up as a person, and began talking a lot. The London trip that we took together as a family (with my wife, Bhavana) was a memorable one for the time that I got to spend with him.

There was some apprehension midway through the year about his school. Luckily, he got admission into the Aditya Birla World Academy in the IGCSE programme. From the first day of school we knew we had made the right choice when he announced that this was a “fun school.” A few days ago, we got a tour of the school as part of the Parents Orientation day, and both Bhavana and I came back very impressed that this education was going to be different, wider and deeper from the one we had gone through.

Even as work (NetCore) dominates, I do try and spend as much time as possible with Abhishek. We play board games (Settlers of Catan, and now, Monopoly), read books, and go to bookshops. Currently, Abhishek is fascinated with  the world’s metro (underground train) networks, the result of the recent London tube travels.

I know that as Abhishek grows up, he will get more involved with his own world. These are the years where Papa (along with Mamma) means a lot to him – and I hope I can keep it that way.

Tomorrow: Memories

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