NetCore: Enterprise Messaging Services

As part of Enterprise Messaging Services in NetCore, we focus on two areas: Mailing and Mobility. Both deal with two forms of messages which are integral to our life – email and SMS.

In Mailing, we have a number of products and services for enterprises:

  • Emergic MailServ: Linux-based mail server
  • Emergic CleanMail: Cloud-based Anti-virus, Anti-spam solution
  • Emergic FlexiMail: Cloud-based mailboxes
  • Emergic MassMail: High-volume mailing
  • Emergic MailArray: Mail archiving
  • Emergic Mail2SMS: Push mail sent as SMS to mobiles
  • Hybrid Mailing Solution: Emergic MailServ seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes to help bring down total cost of ownership in the organisation
  • Managed Mail: Complete cloud-based mail management

Of these, MailServ and CleanMail have been our bread-and-butter business for many years. We have about 2,000 organisations in India using these solutions. The two new products that have been doing well are MassMail and MailArray.

In Mobility, we were a late entrant into what is commonly called the “SMS Aggregator” business. SMS usage has grown dramatically in India as organizations use it for both transactional and promotional messages. My estimate is that there are about 3 billion business-related messages (commonly called A2P, or application-to-person) sent each month in India, about 20% of the overall SMS traffic. The industry size is estimated at about Rs 200 crore annually, and it is a very competitive market.

Over the past 18 months or so, we have made good inroads into the market, especially in some of the larger organisations. Our own SMSC infrastructure at mobile operators (a rarity globally) combined with superior technology via our SMSHNG platform has helped in making this our single biggest business line. The focus has been to convert what is essentially a “dumb push pipe” into a “intelligent service pipe.” We are doing this by adding multiple solutions to the standard SMS bulk push:

  • mConnector: For rapid database integration and customised 1:1 SMSes
  • Invertising: Hotline via permission-based publishing to customers
  • mCoupons: A solution that can help the retail industry
  • mBiz: An online, do-it-yourself SMS publishing platform (coming soon)

Looking ahead, I see the combination of email ID and mobile number becoming the digital identity of a person, and the combination of Push, Permission and Profile becoming the differentiator as businesses seek to deepen relationships with existing customer and acquire profitable new customers.

Tomorrow: Mobile Media and Marketing

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.