Corruption in India (Part 4)

India needs to be made free of corruption before it can become developed. But  the entire existing Indian governance ecosystem will prevent this from happening.

Seen from the outside, it is quite clear that no honest business person will ever make it the top and be able to clean up the system. There are too many vested interests for that to happen.

The change has to come from within the political system. Someone needs to rise and be supported by the masses. That person has to make only one promise – to ensure a clean government – and all the development that should have happened in six decades but did not will happen in five years. That’s how much money is there in the system.

It is not going to be easy because the other politicians, whose livelihood depends on their being in power, will not allow such a person to rise to the top. This is where we need to come in. We, the People, need to say enough is enough. And we need some among us to help drive this change. Are we there yet? No way. Because we have learnt to somehow manage to survive in this corrupt system.

 Continued tomorrow.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.