Three 2009 Decisions: Decision 3: Selecting Abhishek’s School

2009 was to be the year Abhishek started school. A school and its teachers can make a big impact on children as they grow up. I still remember my days at St. Xavier’s – my teachers helped shape a lot of what I am today. Parents lay the foundation for a child’s character; it is the school and teachers which build on that.

Choices of good schools in Mumbai are very limited. Bhavana was very clear at the outset about the school she wanted Abhishek to go to: a school that was close to home, co-ed, and followed a curriculum that emphasised all-round development. (She has been saying since Abhishek was two years that he isn’t going to be the academic kind like me!)

With admissions to schools in Mumbai being so competitive, it is not as much as picking the school as the school deciding to admit us. Our first choice was Aditya Birla World Academy. Luckily Abhishek got admission in the school. That had to be the happiest moment for us in 2009.

Looking back to Abhishek’s first five months in Lower KG at the school, we are absolutely delighted with the decision. He loves school, and has opened up a lot. He takes the school bus (the school is about 1.5 kms from home). He looks forward to going to school every day. Seeing him happy and learning to learn, Bhavana and I know we made the right call.

Tomorrow: Good Books

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