Pizza Hut in Surat

One of my indulgences on the food front is the cheese pizza at Pizza Hut. Surat is the only place that I know of where they serve Jain cheese pizza (no onion and garlic in the preparation). They used to have a similar one in Mumbai at Chowpatty but it shut down to get replaced by an apparel store!

The Pizza Hut pizza has that something special that I love. I now get to eat it twice a year during the Surat trips. I haven’t found any other pizza coming close in the distinctive taste. It is as unique as the Cream Centre Chole.

A Pizza Hut pizza was my first meal when I landed in the US in New York in September 1988. (At that time, I did not follow the Jain diet restrictions.) That was also the first time I had ever tasted pizza – excluding the cheese and tomato sauce on bread that got passed around as pizza at home meals! After that, a weekly outing at Pizza Hut became much the norm through the four years that I stayed there.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.