Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • How America Can Rise Again: by James Fallows, in The Atlantic. “In most significant ways, the U.S. remains the envy of the world. But here’s the alarming problem: our governing system is old and broken and dysfunctional. Fixing it—without resorting to a constitutional convention or a coup—is the key to securing the nation’s future.”
  • How the Next Decade can be India’s: by William Avery (via Atanu). “For the world to accept India as a major power, it has to start acting like one, not just talking like one.”
  • The New Golden Age: by Mark Stahlman, from strategy+business. “The history of investment and technology suggests that economic recovery is closer than you think, with a new silicon-based global elite at the helm.”
  • Mobile 2010 Predictions: by Robert Cringely. “So-called “feature phones” are going away, to be replaced within two product cycles (three years, tops) entirely by smart phones driven by mobile app stores and the need for carriers to generate additional revenue.”
  • Subscriptions are the New Black: by Dave McClure. “The default startup business model for 2010 & beyond will be subscriptions and transactions (e-commerce, digital goods).”

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