School Memories

Continuing with the thread about my School Alumni Day, that night I sat and listed out some of my memories from the years at school. Here goes:

  • Unforgettable Teachers: As we think back to those who have helped shape us, it has to be our parents and teachers who probably have the biggest influence in shaping our character. At St. Xavier’s, it was the teachers who made the big difference. From Joan Soares to Rene Carvalho, from Father Aran to Father Carrasco, from Father Berkey to Mrs. Seshan, from Ms. Ladha to Mrs. Ghadiali, from Mr. da Costa to Mr. Raphael, from Mr. Rao to Mr. Choudhary, from Mr. Fernandes to Mrs. Savur, from Ms. Gandhi to Mrs. Khata (and many others), each one helped shape me in their own unique way.
  • Friends: Outside of the building where I lived, the School was the first place where I made friends. We shared many moments together. And then, at age 15, we all went our own ways. The connect that we had in school came back so quickly when we saw each other 28 years later. Suddenly, memories came alive. Even as many of us have gone our own way, those friendships at school were my first, and will never be forgotten.

Continued tomorrow.

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