School Memories – 2

  • Two Friends for Life: School gave me two friends who are with me even today. Even though we are all in different parts of the world (Narendra in California, Anand in New Jersey, and me in Mumbai), the strong bond of friendship created in school endures as strongly even today. Our happiest moment together was when we were all part of the team that won the Nehru Science Centre Quiz Contest for our school.
  • The Library: I wasn’t much of a sports person, so after finishing lunch in school, I would head off to the library where I would spend the next 35-40 minutes, discovering new worlds. There was no Internet and no computers. It was through the turned pages that I learnt about science and technology, and more.
  • Standing for School Captain: I contested for the elections for the highest student post in the school. I campaigned as “the Bearded Wonder.” I forgot half my speech at the all-important moment in the school assembly, and ended up losing by just 16 votes. That was my first experience in contesting an election – and learning to accept failure to win as part of the process.

Continued tomorrow.

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