Letter to a 5-year-old – Part 3

The most important change in your life over the past year has been School. You’ve blossomed in school – become more outgoing and talkative. You have also made any more friends. Your mom tells me you are a favourite with all the girls. One day, you have to share some tricks with me!

Your life is very disciplined – thanks to your mom. She ensures you sleep by around 8 pm, so you are fresh when you walk up around 6 am in the morning. We do our thing together, and then I give you bath. On most days, it is a rush, because neither of us seem to have any sense of urgency! Your school bus picks you up at 7:30 am, and school (Lower KG) is from 8 am to noon.

Afternoon sleep is a No-No, and I haven’t seen you at home in the afternoon ever, so I’m assuming you have enough things to keep you busy. In the evening, your Mom takes you down in the building to play. By the time I get home, it is past 7:15 pm. You are winding down for the day, ready to sleep.

Some days, we will read a few bed-time stories. Your currently favourites are Topsy and Tim (once again!) and the Thomas Series (with Molly and Murdoch) being the ones you love. You never tire of having the same story read again and again and again! You know it by rote now, but I still have to read it to you!

The year had started with your love for books on Snakes. Then, we moved on to Planets, and then Trains. Let’s see how the next year progresses!

Continued tomorrow.

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