April is a month that I find very interesting and different for many reasons.

First, from a business standpoint, it marks the end of a financial year and the start of a new one. So, there is a time for some fresh thinking and big plans. There is also a bit of breather from the  treadmill of numbers as everyone catches their breath, and gets ready for the next, bigger and a more ambitious journey. So, it is the month of Big Thinking.

Second, it is the month of performance reviews and appraisals. So, there is expectation in the air all around. After having lived through 18 Aprils in my life as an Entrepreneur,  I can conclusively say one thing: employees get unhappy not because of the raise they got, but because there is someone else who get more than them! (As we all know, salaries in India are public knowledge – no one believes in keeping their compensation a secret.)

Third, the heat in India starts getting more intense. In places like Mumbai, the heat and humidity combine to make the outdoors a tough place to be. I feel it only on weekends, since for the most part, one is sitting in a temperature-controlled environment for the better part of the day!

Finally, it is the start of vacations for kids. I remember April for the exams getting over, and the report card coming in by post sometime late in the month. So there was an air of expectation. It will be different for Abhishek – his school (IGCSE) vacation starts in June and goes through till early July. Going to school in May is going to be quite an experience for him!

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.