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This week’s links:

  • Mckinsey’s report on the future of India’s cities: “India’s lack of effective policies to manage its rapid and large-scale urbanization could jeopardize the nation’s growth trajectory. But if India pursues a new operating model for its cities, it could add as much as 1 to 1.5 percent to annual GDP growth, bringing the economy near to the double-digit growth to which the government aspires.”
  • Facebook’s Open Graph Protocol: as seen from a Web Developer’s persepctive, by Dare Obasanjo. “This is a very exciting time for the Web. I suspect that this will be another Facebook platform hit that exceeds expectations. The same way no one could have predicted Zynga and Farmville when the Facebook platform first launched is the way I feel we’ll all be surprised at the sorts of things that will be powered by the Open Graph Protocol in the next year or two.”
  • Putting Strategy into Practice: from strategy+business. “Strategy without execution is daydreaming. What good is a blue ocean to one who cannot swim? Execution without strategy is pointless, even dangerous. What profit is there in doing the wrong things well?”
  • The Rise of the Fleet-Footed Startup: from the New York Times. “[The] “lean start-up” [is] a fresh approach to creating companies that has attracted much attention in the last year or so among Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, technologists and investors.”
  • Lessons from the fall of Palm: Michael Mace writes about “the five lessons I think we should all take away from Palm’s struggles.”

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