It’s Up To Us Now – Part 8

We in Middle India don’t care. As long as we get the money we need, we use that to create insulation around us from the perpetually planned poverty that lies around. All that ails the nation can be made to vanish in the cocoon we have created around ourselves. The feeling is, “We have an honest PM, a woman President, a sacrificing Mother India, an economy starting to grow at 8% again, what more can we ask for?”

Our children, thankfully, will not be as callous. They will hold our feet to the fire. And one day, we will have to answer that question, “You saw what was happening. Did you do something about it?”

I have decided to do something about this. I am ready with an answer when Abhishek asks me that question. The answer is “Yes, I did the best I could.” I hope you too will be able to give the same answer. Because if we do, then millions of us can indeed change the future of India to be something more wholesome and better than what has been the past.

Continued tomorrow.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.