Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • India’s 3G Auctions: from India Knowledge@Wharton. Has a few quotes from me. “The voice ARPU has an upper threshold, so if the operators have to generate higher revenues, it has to come from data and other value-added services.”
  • Why Startups should train their people: by Ben Horowitz. “Ironically, the biggest inhibitor to putting a training program in place is the perception that it will take too much time.”
  • Mobile OSes and Browsers: by Jason Grigsby. “From two operating systems to many. From many browsers to one. We have two core mobile technologies headed in opposite directions.”
  • When the Customer is in the Neighbourhood: from The Wall Street Journal. “Franchisers have a host of new ways to drive business to individual stores, thanks largely to the explosion in recent years of technologies that recognize a user’s location.”
  • India’s Delhi Metro: from the The New York Times. “India’s romance with the village, which Mahatma Gandhi believed was the most suitable environment for human development, is partly to blame for the decrepitude of Indian cities.”

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