Blog Past: UPA’s Victory in the 2009 Elections

Here is what I wrote a year ago shortly after the results were announced:

The bright side of it is that the country will have a stable Congress-led UPA government for the next five years. I just hope that there is a positive development and good governance agenda that is pursued quickly because there are many unfinished things that we need to get done in India across various sectors.

…Every crisis presents an opportunity – and that is how the BJP must look at the national vote. Even though it may have only have lost a small number of seats and not lost much voteshare on a national basis, the results are way below what the expectations were. And as such, it requires a rethink at multiple levels to rebuild the party and regain the confidence of the nation.

A year later, all I can say is that both the government and the Opposition are still “work-in-progress.”

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Rajesh Jain

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