Announcement: Launch of MyToday, India’s #1 SMS SuperStore

Today, we have launched MyToday, our direct-to-consumer store for great SMS content. Think of MyToday as an SMS Store, where you can browse, search and subscribe to premium SMS updates on topics spanning the spectrum. At nearly 200 SMS channels, it is already the biggest in the market.

News, cricket and sports scores, market and stock alerts, Bollywood news, astrology and other updates start at just Rs. 5 per month – these are unmatched prices today.

And that’s not all: MyToday features dozens of other SMS channels you won’t find anywhere else – industry sector-wise alerts, leadership lessons, daily muhurta alerts, world affairs, politics, how to live green, among many others. All of these are via our best-in-class content partners: Rajshri Media, MyIris, The Economist, Knowledge@Wharton, AstroCAMP. We will introduce more over the next few weeks.

In short, this dizzying variety means that customers will find something fresh, something useful in their SMS inboxes daily for their know-now, know-more moments. MyToday, we believe, will provide Har Pal… Kuch Zaroori!

This is a huge step for Netcore: this is our Digital Services Operator business, which I have written about before. In an October 2009 discussion, I had said:

… the top of the pyramid – which is about 100 million people, 25% of the base – want new services but are not able to get [them] …

… an SMS store could fill what I call life’s free moments. You can create lots of services. Can we create a series of, say, 30 packs of SMS’s, where you can educate people on innovation? You send them an SMS at a fixed time every day and it comes with a link so you get a key idea, which you can read in 15 seconds. And then there’s a link where you can explore for maybe three of four paragraphs, 45 seconds to a minute.

That need, we believe, has been met today by MyToday – at launch, it is already India’s #1 SMS SuperStore!

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.