Hong Kong

The first day in Hong Kong was laced with heavy rains. So, we ended up staying mostly indoors in the hotel in Kowloon. We were also tired after the overnight journey. The one place we visited was the Toys r Us in Harbour City Mall, much to the delight of Abhishek.

Day 2 was Disneyland, and Day 3 was Ocean Park. The heat ensured that we spent just under four hours at both of the places. Disneyland was for me the more enjoyable one. I have visited the ones in the US. This one is much smaller, though there is construction happening to expand it.

My favourite ride is the “It’s a Small Small World” – there is something wonderful about the song and the boat making its way through the regions of the world. I took Abhishek on the “Space Mountain” and that did shake both of us up!

Ocean Park was somewhat disappointing, though Abhishek liked it for some of the games and the extraordinarily long cable car ride.

Tomorrow: Shenzhen

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