In Shanghai, we stayed in Pudong. I had walked through Pudong during my visit about ten years ago, and there were parts of it still under construction. Since then, Pudong has been built up with plenty of skyscrapers and large roads. Again, a new city created in just about a decade.

We visited World Expo. That was perhaps the only disappointment of the trip. The queues to see the country pavilions were incredibly long – Bhavana waited over two hours to see the Korea one. And there wasn’t much to see either. We walked around and saw stuff from the outside.

The next day, saw us in Puxi, the older part of Shanghai across the river. We walked on Fuzhou and Nanjing Streets for much of the day. The eastern part Nanjing Street is pedestrians-only, and full of life with all sorts of activity on the street.

The Hunagpu river adds a wonderful dimension to the city. We took a nice long walk in the evening on the promenade on the Pudong side.

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