A Nation Adrift

I cannot but help think that we in India don’t have a clue how to solve the big challenges that we face. Whether it is getting 500 million out of extreme poverty or dealing with Naxalism or handling our neighbours (Pakistan and China) or even something seemingly simple as dealing with errant Ministers at the Centre, the belief seems to be that problems will solve themselves if we left them alone.

At a time when India needs leadership of the highest order, we are getting silence and seeing weakness. At a time when India needs big vision and rapid execution, we are getting inaction and petty thinking.

It is because We, the People of Middle India, have seceded and created our own mini-worlds that we inhabit, unconcerned about what is happening around. Some day soon, we will realise that this is the biggest mistake made by one of the largest collectives in the world.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.

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  1. Atanu’s definition of PPP (Planned Perpetual Poverty) nicely summarises what is happening with Congress/UPA.

    There is no way middle India is going to wake-up as:
    a) Lots of best brain has already gone out of India
    b) Many of the remaining are too busy doing something for a living
    c) Those who have reached are generally more worried about how to make the next thousand crores
    d) Many of them are directionless and can not discriminate what is good and bad

    Wishlists / Rays of hope that could bring about change are:
    1) Emergence of a set of tall leaders who change the perception and show direction to the middle India
    2) Internet as medium to communicate and build middle India as a strong force and finally
    God’s Grace to India

  2. Hi Rajesh,

    Long time!

    At the end of the day nations are made of hoards of human beings and is a mere reflection of their value system.
    Lets talk about india values that add to your frustration and many others like you, including me.

    Now, its important to understand that an average Indian do not really value self innovation but carry a unique value of rapidly copying or “following” others around him or adopting anything he perceives as “better”. In portions or whole heartedly. Be it language, religion, lifestyle, career choices or social choices.

    However, one instance where copying is not very well understood in india is duplicating processes and problems that have already been solved elsewhere. Here indians become innnovative and they see an important value in showing their intelligence and believe they would be respected for their opinion!

    Many a times you feel a problem thats been solved in say when chandigarh was founded post independence shows up even after 50 years in other new urban infrastructure. A process of ticketing and check in that works in mumbai airport may totally look different at Kolkatta and inefficient!

    Further, having missed on the industrial revolution, large scale projects for faster international trade like ports etc. were never undertaken and export import policies are still complex. Technical know how of industrial worker and the tools available to an average mechanic on the street and an average doctor in a small town are well below the international levels.

    India is still catching up on mechanical and electrical revolution although I have not been able to buy an indian made iron that would beat the quality of a chinese made one. I wont talk about electronics and the world of chips!

    I felt shame seeing mr kapil sibal dotting major national and international newspapers revealing another $10 wonder! No production numbers, not even in plan but here he is, with his pet project!

    Need I say, by the time india will produce this $10 wonder, world would have moved on to something else.

    Another value thats missing is “maintaining” efficiency or maintaining the quality of whats already built. Indians like to move on. To the next bigger thing. The struggle is a drug they enjoy. Maintenance is seen as a drag.

    You just have to go to the marine drive to see the flats that look like shantis from the outside but are worth 15 crores or more dotting the drive. Whatever happened to the building codes.

    And indians dont read they dont debate. Rational debates are termed as naivety of those indulging in it revealing their true feelings. It stems from the value they carry for their command or other’s command over the ability to play politics – reaching the end without any regard to the means employed and revealing your destination.

    Many a times in business dealings indians would play as brother buddies and end up killing each other due to disputes because agreements were never on paper.

    Unless the average indian eye is focused on the means a person’s shame and pride in society are derived from not just where he or she ends up standing but how, and saying the truth and how you feel is seen as a matter of self respect and to be conscious of, india will continue to be the corrupt place that it is with billion shameless, spineless, consumerist mentality people with hidious intentions dotting its entire landscape to reach at their personal and social endings which are anything but happy and spiritual.


  3. Ok – so all of us know the problem – can we suggest some practical solutions. Something that each one of us can do without disrupting our daily lives. Remember spinning the yarn.


  4. I just spent the last 3 days understanding how a young relative of mine was ‘murdered’ by the medical system and though we know how this happened, we can do nothing about it because of the totally corrupt police system and corrupt and inefficient justice system. But could not stop thinking about it and though our Poonam is gone, can we do something to save other Poonams.

    It appears that the only way to deal with problems that we all know, maybe to build bottom-up movements using emerging technology that may include social networks, mobile phones, and ambient awareness.

    I would love to start a project in this direction.

  5. Its interesting to read articles daily on how India is going from bad to worst, but I hardly see any articles or ads asking Indians to join a forum to challenge the problems. Its time for us to stop talking and start working.

    We are fighting like the 1857 war of Independence. There was revolt and outcry against the british but the war was fought in isolation and there was a lack of synergy. And the same is happening now. There are millions of Indians who are brilliant thinkers, but all think in isolations or just put on blogs. Why cant we Indians get one and fight?

    Its really even frustrating to quote why do we pay tax?

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