Pretty Good Principles (PGP) for India

Building on the idea proposed in the It’s Up To Us Now essay that I had written, Atanu Dey and I built on the idea of “Pretty Good Principles” for India, which I will outline over the course of this week. We would love to get your feedback. 

India, like every successful entity, must have a set of principles at its core from which all governance and policies are derived. These principles should be understood by its citizens and therefore must be

  • Comprehensive
  • Comprehensible
  • Minimal

These principles are an expression of fundamental and foundational values which are acceptable to a large number of people who have different secondary value systems. We call them “Pretty Good Principles,” or PGP for short. They are:

  • Minimal Government
  • Individual Rights
  • The Relationship Between the Individual and the Government

Tomorrow: Minimal Government

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Rajesh Jain

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