Corruption Stories – Part 9

Narendra Modi’s Gujarat is a shining example of a state that has put integrity and development above everything else. And this is not just me saying it. During my travels in recent times, when I speak to people, they all unanimously hail what he has done for the state. “If only we could get Modi to run the country for 5 years….” is the common refrain.

There are probably many honest politicians, MPs, Ministers and Chief Ministers. But none symbolises honesty and results on the ground more than Modi. He has won a resounding victory recently across elections at the municipal and panchayat elections – the numbers are a revelation in the bipolar politics of the state.

India needs people like Modi to make it to the top, and then start the process of cleansing the system. It has to start at the top. Manmohan Singh could have done it, but he chose to look the other way. We cannot let another generation of politicians eat away at our society. The money that is looted away can fast-track every development project in India and deliver results in five years – bringing about the change we want and need between two elections.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.