Mohan: The Strong Man (A Play in 5 Parts) – Part 3

Note: A friend of mine sent me this. He doesn’t have a blog, and doesn’t want to be identified. It was too good not to publish. Of course, I have to add a few disclaimers. One, I support the BJP (“lighter shades of grey”) and am not a fan of the Congress. Second, all references to people you think you can identify are purely coincidental.

Madam and Rahu are walking in the garden of the People’s Palace.

Rahu: I have been meaning to tell you something for quite some time, Mom.

Madam: Go ahead, Son. And please, I don’t want you starting on the Two India’s thing again. The 2G, 2 India thing is becoming too much for me. I have already told KapiUncle to teach you something new.

Rahu: No, Mom. It is something you have been waiting to hear for a long, long time.

Madam: You bought me an Island? Beta, tell me it is true?

Rahu: Yes, Mom. That, and much more. You have worked many long, hard years. So much sacrifice. So much of reading Hindi speeches written in English and Italian. You need to get some rest now. I am now Big Enough to take over. You can retire on the Island.

Madam: Wonderful, Beta. But you know how it is….you are still so alone.

Rahu: That is what I was coming to, Mom. I am going to get married. So, you can retire. And then I will need us to move into a Big House?

Madam: Rahu, but if I go away, who will cook for you? There needs to be a woman in the House.

Rahu (ignoring the last comment): Mom, I want the Big House Mohan is occupying. He needs to vacate it. I want a Big House, Mom. Please. Please.

Madam (giving Rahu a hug): Ok, Beta. Don’t cry. All this land, this country…it is all yours. You know, they called me the New Empress of India. And they also liked my New Clothes.

Rahu: Thanks, Mom. So, can you have a word with Mohan? Can I move in next week?

Madam: Of course, my son. This is a dream come true. What is it these Indians say, Sapna Saakar Hua.

(This transcript is available because the Income-Tax department recorded it.)

Continued tomorrow.

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