Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • In Pursuit of the Perfect Brainstorm: from the New York Times. “We need help thinking.”
  • What’s driving Groupon? by John Battelle. “Groupon, I believe, has the potential to be a new proxy – one that subsumes the platforms of both the Internet and the telephone, and adds multiple dimensions beyond them.”Also see this interview with Groupon’s CEO in WSJ.
  • Rebooting Web Publishing Design: by Frédéric Filloux. “The future looks bright, it’s called…HTML5.”
  • Helping the CIO Lead: from strategy+business. “Charlie Feld, the former CIO of Frito-Lay and a pioneer in his field, explains how IT can play a key role in developing corporate strategy.”
  • The Art of Childraising: Open Forum has an interview with “John Medina, a developmental molecular biologist, has a lifelong fascination with how the mind reacts to and organizes information.”

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