2010-11: Looking Back, Looking Forward – Part 3

The big new thing that we did in 2010 at NetCore was a stronger focus on Consumers. While that was how we had begun our mobility business 3+ years ago, over the past couple years in our endeavour to ensure profitability, we had reduced focus on this. In 2010, we did two important things – the acquisition of OneIndia and the launch of MyToday.

OneIndia is India’s largest languages portal, with over 9 million unique visitors each month across the web and mobile. It is among the top 3 in each of the four South Indian languages and has been ranked the fourth-largest Indian news site by Comscore. With OneIndia, I am back in the Internet portals space after a gap of a decade. The timing couldn’t have been better – with users and usage growth accelerating.

MyToday was launched in late June 2010 as a direct-to-consumer mobile content marketplace. We have focused on paid SMS subscriptions to begin with. In India, there is a need for more mobile data services which offer simplified publishing and direct billing of consumers. The second problem is especially hard – collecting small amounts of money from consumers with an intent to pay is not easy. We have worked through the past few months to simplify that process.

Both these initiatives will help us in the way I think Digital India will be monetised – advertising on the Internet, and micro-transactions on the mobile.

Continued tomorrow.

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.