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This week’s links:

  • Pivoting: by Jeremy Liew writing about startups changing direction. “Pivoting has two components, knowing when to quit plan A, and taking on plan B. It’s easy to pivot towards doing more of something that is working and users like. It’s also easy to stop doing something that gets no traction. What’s hard is stopping doing something that is just doing OK, but that is usually the right thing to do.”
  • WSJ on Gujarat: “A look at India, minus the Red Tape.” Also read: Kanchan Gupta (Pioneer) and Swapan Dasgupta (Times of India).
  • China’s Winning Schools? by Nicholas Kristof in New York Times. “Education thrives in China and the rest of Asia because it is a top priority.” Also see: Pratham’s Annual Survey of India’s Schools.
  • The Future of American Power: by Joseph Nye in Foreign Affairs. “The United States is not in absolute decline, and in relative terms, there is a reasonable probability that it will remain more powerful than any other state in the coming decades.”
  • Corruption Matters: by Atanu Dey.”I sometimes wonder: of the two — the criminality of India’s leaders or the stupidity of its people — which is the greater curse.” Also see: In India the corrupt get power, and the absolutely corrupt get absolute power.

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