Helping Transform India’s Future – Part 10

To transform India’s future, we need to change the direction of India’s policies. That needs political change. And for political change, we need Middle India to come together, which will only people when there is a greater awareness of the wrong path we are on.

Awareness will lead to Action. That is what I hope to catalyse in the coming months and years. This is the real battle for India’s freedoms – not just political, but also personal and economic.

The task may seem impossible. But not if we think differently with the mindset of entrepreneurs. The heroism that India needs now has to come from each of us. As I wrote last May:

Middle India is waiting for real leadership. We can either continue on the dismal path that India’s past leaders have set India upon, or we can create a different path that leads India to its true destiny. It will not be an easy path – it is a road that will have many twists and turn, and obstacles at every turn. We have do take this new path if for nothing else but to be able to look our children in the eye and say, “Yes, my dear, we did what we had to do and we did it well.”

Our time starts now.

Published by

Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.