IMC Conference Talk

I will be speaking and then be on a panel at the Indian Merchants Chambers’ IT Conference “Fostering Inclusive Growth through IT” on March 11 (Fri) at their Churchgate, Mumbai office.

I am part of the second session on “Affordable Technologies for Inclusive Growth and the Digital Inclusion.”

Some themese I will touch upon during my talk:

  • broadband infrastructure across the country (wireline and wireless)
  • open-source software use
  • cloud computing with thin clients / network computers, and SaaS
  • integration with mobile phones (apps)
  • govt as platform (make APIs available for govt data; publish govt data as XML)
  • all citizen services to be web-enabled and mobile-enabled, with sms/email integration
  • local content creation
  • education and healthcare as anchor services over the network

Any other suggestions?

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Rajesh Jain

An Entrepreneur based in Mumbai, India.