Weekend Reading

This week’s links:

  • How to estimate market size: by Jeremy Liew. “TAM is really a pretty simple concept – it is what your revenue would be if you had 100% market share in your business.”
  • Using Influence to Getting Things Done: from strategy+business. “Convincing senior management colleagues to follow your lead requires a blend of skills that add up to influential competence.”
  • Google’s Quest to Build a Better Boss: from NYTimes. See the 8 good behaviours.
  • The case against News: by Bryan Caplan. “News, I like to say, is the lie that something important happens every day.”
  • Manmohan Singh Epitomizes Evil: by Atanu Dey. Read and feel the outrage. ” India’s government is the greatest evil force that is destroying India. Manmohan Singh epitomizes that evil since he heads that government. So I believe that unless we wake up and destroy those who seek our destruction, we would be responsible for our demise.”

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